Puppy rescue!

Khun Chol, one of our Thai members of staff, reached out to Hand to Paw a few weeks ago and asked if we might do a temple run in Doi Saket. A friend of hers had found dogs and puppies there in sad conditions. One of the puppies had a major head wound (not shown here due to the graphic nature of the photo) and she was the first one to be transported to a vet clinic. We then went back to the temple a few days later to start spraying the dogs against lice and fleas, vaccinate all the dogs, bring healthy food (donated by the Glessman family), and deworm all the dogs. The first photos shown are of our second visit. The last few photos were taken a few days ago… can you tell the difference? 😉
Whilst the puppies are doing better already, we are wanting to raise funds for continued medical care and sterilization of all these dogs.
Please help us through PayPal or our fundraising page!
Paypal account at: Hand 2 Paw, email AmandineL@ptis.ac.th, Merchant: SXTKJNAEZGFME
Fundraising page: http://fnd.us/81H9I5?ref=sh_36pip0

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