How to be good IEP farmers?

As seasons change, we are guided to give away and to not take back.  When it’s time for us to take out the weeds from the soil beds for planting, boys and girls will move them aside; when earthworms are found in the soil, students will carefully place them somewhere safe under a tree.
By doing caring and reflective actions, our students have learned not only the different animal species at the farm, but how to take care of them as well. Learning by doing is the IEP philosophy. In addition, they have learned working as teams to do different tasks. It is a natural way to build up teamworks and bring their personal efforts for the plants they like into actions. Weeding, ploughing, digging holes, planting the seeds, putting decomposer, and watering — each step is learned with fun, devotion and sense of achievement.      What a great day at the farm!

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