Parents and Teachers Quiz and Curry Night

The PSC invites Parents and Teachers to a battle of the minds in the first ever Quiz and Curry Night on Friday, 8th of September at 6:30 pm at the Banana Bike Kitchen. Teams of up to 6 are welcome and the winners will take home a prize!
Your ticket price includes the quiz, a curry buffet, and tea. Other beverages are available for purchase directly from Banana Bike Kitchen. Reserve a spot by clicking here. You can reserve as a team or as an individual. Reservations will close on August 29th.
This quiz night includes 7 rounds of trivia questions. The categories include: general knowledge, name that year, a picture round, an audio music round, geography, from the dictionary and a final trivia round.
Please support the PSC with your attendance while showing off your smarts! If you have any questions please email Sara at
Kind regards,
Sara Hardigan
Chairperson, PSC Committee

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