Farewell form Linda Buck

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this, my last rolling news as the Director of Boarding.

Twelve years have passed by so quickly, with so much joy, excitement, tears and tantrums! What family don’t experience all those emotions. I have had the privilege to watch hundreds of children grow into young adults, and in this last year I have visited Alumni with their own children.

Boarding has moved forward, we have developed the programs, encouraged leadership embraced community service, and have watched our junior program expand in line with the higher number of junior students and Intensive English Program students..

What hasn’t changed is the dedication of the staff who work in boarding to ensure that the students enjoy an environment that is a ‘home away from home’. With eight months at Prem compared to four months at home, this is extremely important. Their apartments have to reflect their personalities and be a place where they can retreat to have some down time.

A part of me will remain in boarding, I will be forever grateful that I was offered a chance to take up a new challenge on a new career path. I will take my desire to promote our boarding program into my new position here at Prem.

To all the many parents and guardians who I have had the pleasure to meet over the last twelve years, can I say thank you for allowing me the privilege of playing a small part in the upbringing of your children. I have enjoyed some of my happiest moments in the boarding houses here at Prem.

Linda Buck
Director of Boarding.

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