Campus Youth Programme

This video was filmed and put together by Prem G12 student Koh Okino. Last summer, Koh attended Compass Youth Camp along with Sara, Rasnam, Norito and Linnea from Prem. Sara trained to be a youth facilitator and worked with other youth facilitators from International School of Manilla and NIST Bangkok. Koh, who was attending for the second time, took responsibility for documenting and publicising the activities through social media and through this video.

Last Summer, Compass Youth Camp (CYC) brought together young people from around the region to explore global issues at a local level and to work with various tools to help them develop leadership and understand more about the value of systems thinking.

Koh believes that CYC is an opportunity not to be missed because, ” CYC was a camp that gave me the opportunity to learn and practice my leadership with skilled students from all of Southeast Asia. It inspired me to become more ambitious and I would definitely recommend it to students who feel the need to challenge themselves more.”

If you would like to know more about CYC 2017, talk to past participants from Prem: Koh, Rasnam, Ohm, Norito or Linnea or check out the website

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