12th Grade Sunset

On August 22nd, 2022, grade 12 students and homeroom teachers commemorated the significance of their last-ever first-day of school by watching the sun rise, as a year group, at Mon Jam. As the clouds parted, as the sky brightened and as the view cleared, the students were able to look forward to the year ahead knowing that it would be a challenging year, and that they had each other as companions and solidarity for what was to come. 

And then suddenly, it was their last-ever day of school, and we took them back up that mountain to watch the sun set on this significant event in their lives. The atmosphere was celebratory as we took many photos, both serious and silly, and talked about different memories of the year. Inevitably, there was also an atmosphere of poignancy, as they acknowledged that they are moving forward in their lives and that whatever their relationships have been with each other, they have travelled the last two years together, and have provided support and solidarity along the way. As the sun went down, they gathered into an impromptu huddle for motivational words, before heading down the mountain for dinner together.

It has been such a privilege to watch these marvellous individuals grow and thrive through these last two years. It’s hard to feel that our successive generations have not gifted this generation the world that they deserve. Having worked closely with them for two years, I have every confidence that they will continue to make the world a better place. 

Thank you to Ajs Ambika and Emma, fellow grade 12 homeroom teachers and to Ajs Rachel, Shaun, Sam D, and Trisha for enabling the trip to happen. 

Abbie Neall

Assistant Principal (Academic)

IB Diploma Coordinator

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