​Junior School Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our Junior School students who competed in the Junior School cross country last term. We are very proud of the courage and perseverance everyone showed at this event.
Congratulations to our Cross Country Champions

EY1 – Thomas Dickerson
EY2 – Michael McSweeney
EY3 – Benjamin Bowyer
G1 – Arty Nilkamhang
G2 – James Bowyer
G3 – Tanin Glessman
G4 – Jules Piper Sangnakkara
G5 – Cameron Bowyer

EY1 – Isla Cannon
EY2 – Moo Lek Barnett
EY3 – Cici Yang
G1 – Grace King
G2 – KaoHorm Handagoon
G3 – Ella Li
G4 – Lisa Han
G5 – June Maensatity

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