​First a​nnual ​i​nfluenza vaccine for boarders 2017

The influenza season is right around the corner, and boarding has got your back!
The season usually starts in October and peaks in December. This is because the virus survives best in winter’s lower humidity and cooler temperatures.
Since the beginning of fall, boarding​ started a health prevention project that g​a​ve bo​a​rders at PREM the option to obtain their annual influenza vaccine.
Influenza is a serious illness that can prevent students from going to school. Often time​s​, the body takes about one week ​or ​more to reach full recovery. ​
Incidentally, the Thai Ministry of Public Health has ​also ​said that the city of Chiang Mai has a high-risk ​factor ​for the spread of the influenza virus amongst the population.

The vaccination was administered by ​a ​trained professional vaccination team from Bangkok Hospital, Chiang Mai on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, in the boarding lounge. Bo​a​rders were very keen to learn about the seriousness of influenza and in return, a great amount of them came to get vaccinated. It​ is important for us at boarding to take ​an​ initiative to set preventative measures within our living ​and​ learning community. We are ​hoping to get ​off to a great start by focusing on our boarder​’​s health.

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